Backups, updates and service desk all included.


Customer Relationship Management is an important part of the software. Clients can be tagged for mailings, reporting, etc. because everything (cases, (e)mail, correspondence, calendar, tasks, time, billing, etc.) is so well-integrated all current information as well as history is visible for each client.


The integrated Document Management System makes it possible to easily create letters, invoices, reports and other correspondence. Multiple criteria can be used while searching for your correspondence, for example full text and date (ranges). With our software, you will never have to access another system for your documents.

Time and Billing

Track your time using the same system you are doing your work in. The automated stopwatch functionality ensures that users never forget to register their time. A screen with time registration details pops up for multiple actions within the software, such as after sending an e-mail, writing a document, making a phone call (VOIP, optional) and so on.


Know where your business is heading financially with our integrated accounting reports. Track expenses and pay your bills on time. Manage accounts receivable and payable. Create a user for your accountant, with limited user rights and no acces to your client data, for free. The accounting module is an optional module. A connection to other accounting software is possible at no additional cost.


Instead of a regular email client for the masses, BaseNet created a tailor-made email solution fitted to the specific needs of lawyers. Easy billing, archiving, access rights and emails all fully integrated with your cases. No need to access a separate email client, all your emails connected to the right cases and clients, directly inserted in the integrated DMS within the BaseNet software.

Calendar and tasks

Never again miss any deadline with the fully integrated calendar and tasks from BaseNet. The calendar can be viewed for your own activities but can also show the activities of a selected group of colleagues. Creating recurring and group meetings is no problem. All events and tasks are connected with your cases and clients. Tasks can be part of a defined workflow.

Unique integrated software solution for law practices

No more islands of automation, no more app-hopping, no more re-entering the same data over and over, just one software solution that suits all your needs.

The system integrates Cases, Customer Relation Management (CRM), time tracking, billing, invoicing, accounting, Document Management System (DMS), tasks, calendar, telephone, etc. Always up to date: continuous delivery. Ease of use at a competitive price/quality ratio.

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No more islands

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BaseNet offers unique one stop shopping, all functionalities integrated in one system, solution. All the law firm’s needs combined into one unique software solution.

Narrow integration of your law firm's processes results in more billable hours.

Automated stopwatch functionality responds to your activities within the software. All your hours are accounted for!
Direct and measurable savings!
Due to efficiency in our processes you will notice that your firm will have fewer non-billable hours.

BaseNet Users save an average of nine hours every single week!

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