• Cases!
  • Client Relation System CRM
  • Correspondence
  • E-mail
  • Document Management System DMS
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Work flow management
  • Project management
  • Activities
  • Time tracking
  • Billing
  • Management Analytics and Statistics
  • Accounting (optional)
  • Integration Voip (optional)

All functionalities integrated in one system.
No more app-hopping, no more re-entering the same data.
Just one bill instead of many.
Lower costs for you.

Management Analytics

With our management information and statistics you can overview the efficiency of your business like never before.

Numerous overviews, tables and graphs give you insight in the performance of lawyers, employees and the whole organization.



Of course security is extremely important tor you and to us. We continuously work to make sure we have the best level of security. BaseNet works with several trusted third parties who are specialized in security and privacy to ensure that our security is more enhanced than what can generaly be found at law practices.

Extra security can be added at user level by:

  • Linking permission to log in with certain locations based on IP numbers
  • Additional verification by smartphone

Continuity can be secured by IT-surance. The Escrow solution for Software as a Service users.


Next generation Website with Client Only Section

Update your website whenever you wish in your own BaseNet back office system. Just drag and drop functionalities.

Communicate directly with your clients through our secure Client Only Section. Fully integrated with your own BaseNet back-office; you communicate directly with your clients. Our website systems are being innovated every day: You do not have to invest in new development of your website and Search Engine Optimization* anymore. Continuous innovation assured.


BaseNet Academy

We are preparing video tutorials for our American clients. In these tutorial videos we train new users how the system can be used in a workshop video session. There are separate short clips for various functionalities that explain how that feature works.

In addition to explaining functionalities, there will also be management-level tutorials to explain how our tools can take your law practice to the next level.

Service Desk

Whether you have easy questions or difficult ones. Our Service Desk software professionals can be contacted anytime by email and by telephone during normal working hours. We can be reached 24/7 in emergencies.

Email: servicedesk@basenet.com
Telephone: 646 513 4381

Users can find extensive help functionality within our software. This page list the questions most commonly asked by prospects.

  • How much does it cost to use BaseNet?

    We have just one price per user per month. See this page.

  • Can I use Outlook when I work with BaseNet?

    In order to get all the advantages of an integrated system like BaseNet, we advise you to work with our advanced email-client. It gives you the possibility to track the time automatically. It offers you the ability to create a task/flag in the system. You save your emails directly in the Document Management System connected to your client and caser. This gives you the opportunity to search with one click throughout Word/Excel docs, PDFS, emails, etc. The BaseNet email client works also using the BaseNet App. BaseNet saves you the money of buying, maintaining and using an Outlook server.

  • How about accounting?

    The accounting module is an optional module. Connection with other accounting software is possible without additional costs.

  • Your system is in the cloud. Is it secure?

    Yes, it is. Your data is encrypted before transport between your computer and our servers (SSL). BaseNet works with several trusted third parties who are specialized in security and privacy to ensure that our security is more enhanced than what can generally be found at law practices.